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You're a narcissist as well, what a surprise, and an opthalmologist!

Roger Ailes loves you.

Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
Speak for yourself, just because you think it's so and say it's so is absolutely meaningless. I'm playing in the good ol' USA, judging by your icon I assume you're playing in Cuba. Fidel and Che can make up any rules they want, they ARE dictators after all. I'm sorry you have not experienced what excellent vision is like. I've worked hard for mine and primarily tennis IS the exercise to develop good vision. There are many ways of improving vision through eye exercises and working with eye therapists, it's like yoga for the eyes. If you'd like to learn more I can recommend some excellent books on vision/VISION. I feel the role of good vision is woefully under valued as an element in the success of great athletes--if you can't see it you can't hit it.

What happens at the service line is multiplied exponentially as the ball travels over the net. An inch or two advantage where the serve is hit from, most certainly translates to a big difference on the other side of the net, especially if one's game is at a finely tuned level. High level tennis is all about hitting the lines.
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