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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
There are rules for officiated games and rules for non-officiated games.

And receivers have either no right or a right in the very final instance to call a foot fault and only when it's flagrant.

Its called a rule book and I quoted from it and it says what I said it says.

Why not just go straight to the source, as far as the USTA is concerned:

“Compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of the player’s personal honor system.”

"For the record, habitual foot faulting is as bad as intentionally cheating on line calls."

"If they are truly guilty of foot faulting, then they are cheating."

Finally, if you guys keep insisting that it's not really an advantage, then why not just back up a few inches so you are not foot faulting? Instead you are basically saying that you like being a cheater and you have no honor?
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