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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I don't get you guys. Gonza said he pushed to win double bagels.
His losing opponent saw that Gonza pushed, and beat him double bagels.
His losing opponent saw that while Gonza hit great shots in warmup, he didn't hit any during their match.
Therefore, in the eyes of his losing opponent, Gonza pushed to win double bagels.
Call a fish a fish, not an eagle or a jet plane.
well, people who lose love and love to players who simply return the ball back to them are in no position to criticize anybody but you took their side

let's say, somebody in this forum got lucky and gets to play with Djokovic, how do you think Djokovic would play? He would just return the ball back, for sure. That's how high level players would play when they play much lower level players. It's normal, not a negative thing.
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