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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Yet you wouldn't have thought so when they played that final at the USO. Federer was unusually angry and agitated and famously let rip at the umpire accusing him of allowing Del Potro to take too long to challenge calls! For a while afterwards, Federer complained that he should have won and implied that it was his own mistakes that caused him to lose it rather than Del Potro's superior play. He clearly doesn't like losing in Slam finals except to Nadal where he has had to accept him as an equal given the number of losses to him he has had to sustain at the FO!

Maybe he is mellowing with age in being more generous in his current praise of Del Potro!
He was agitated at the time in the match but he looked happy for Delpo at the end and was complimntary about him afterwards and ever since (he said nice stuff about him before that tournament too)

Some bits from the post match interview.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, I thought it was a tough match from the start. I think even the first set was, you know, pretty close. I think both getting used to the conditions. It was kind of tough starting around the 4:00 time because the shadows moving in and stuff.

I got off to a pretty good start, and had things under control as well in the second set. I think that one cost me the match eventually. But I had many chances before that to make the difference.

So it was tough luck today, but I you thought Juan Martin played great. I thought he hung in there and gave himself chances, and in the end was the better man.

Q. Would you say this defeat, looks like a little bit the one you had in Australia with Nadal?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't remember the match almost in Australia. Was I up or down two sets to one?

Q. Down.

ROGER FEDERER: Down. I felt like today I was much more in control. You know, I had many more chances. It's one of those finals maybe I look back and have some regrets about it.

But, you know, you can't have them all and can't always play your best. He hung in there and did well. In the end, he was just too tough. Just the way it is.

Q. Are you at all surprised that he was able to keep his composure and not get sucked up by the moment of his first major final?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I guess, yeah. It's always an amazing effort coming through and winning your first in your first final. Got to give him all the credit because it's not an easy thing to do, especially coming out against someone like me with so much experience. I think it's not easy to have a steel racquet.

Towards the end, of course, up 5-2 in the fifth. That was easy. But he had to live through some really tough moments earlier on in both breakers throughout those sets to come back.

So his effort was fantastic. I thought himself he went through quite a few ups and downs. This is the one I should have used to make a difference, but I couldn't.

In the end, was really good.


Seems like he viewed the match like it was.He had his chances early on to put the match beyond Delpo, but once he failed to do that Del Potro became too tough to beat.
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