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Gizo, do you agree though 2004 was her best chance for a career year. I think she had a good shot at 2 or 3 majors that year and blew it. Apart from 2004 and 2006 where she did actually win 2 majors, I cant think of any other year she had a real shot at winning any majors though. Then again 2004 was one of the most wide open years in womens tennis history, there are about 9 players who had a great shot at winning atleast 2 of the years 6 majors events, not even including Clijsters (missed almost all the year) or Venus (not a real contender outside of maybe RG ironically that year). I wouldnt say weak like today since atleast it was alot of either legendary, great, semi great, or very good players playing well at once, just nobody seperating themselves.
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