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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Lee, I'd love to play you for the sake of the forums' entertainment. I cant remember the last time I have lost to a 3.5 player in singles to be honest. There are a lot of great older players here who can hang, but they all have speed and footwork and play at a 4.5 level still.

I am not just a guy who hits for pace. I value placement over that and like to hit into either corner with my strokes. So you need to be able to run side to side, and from the sampling I saw of you walking, I dont think that is going to happen throughout a match.

Anyway, why you keep posting and telling me we would have a close match is beyond me because I never posted video to really have hypothetical matches with people on the web. Who knows, maybe you would smoke me and teach me something, but I play some amazing older guys who eat up pace, hit impeccable droppers and still retained good footspeed, so I wouldnt be taken by surprise.

Since we live on opposite coasts, this is probably never going to happen so it is a waste of time to think that much about.

With all that aside, I am interested in the 12 pounds. Where did this number come from and what do I gain from this? I'd love to drop 12 pounds if it will help my tennis, but it will cost me some muscle in the process. Like I said, I am already very fast on the court according to my coach, so is this a speed thing or what?

You should learn from Cheetah. When he posts advice, he doesnt make it about himself, he just drops great details that can help. With you, everything seems like you are out to prove yourself and one up everybody all the time.
Nice post. Let me say that I really like LeeD's posts, but from what I've seen on video so far it wouldn't be a contest. Your game, PP, seems much stronger (LeeD, post some vids of match play ... I loved your form on the serving stuff you posted).

Now, about the 12 lbs. I recently went from 200 to 185 (I'm a little over 6 feet, and shrinking). Simply because I cut out lots of sources of sugar. No soft drinks. No sugar in the coffee. No candy (that I ate more or less obsessively). Less bread. Less carbs and more protein and veggies in general. Etc. I don't think I've lost any muscle or strength, and I do feel better. (Which might just be a function of playing more, I don't know). So, I would suggest just starting with cutting out any unnecessary sugar and carb ingestion. See where it takes you, then go from there.
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