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Hello, I need some advice. 2 days before our sectional tournament my daughters coach cancelled her lessons and hitting (both days, last minute). She is a blue chip. She played the sectional and it wasn't great. Then he did the same thing before the thanksgiving national open. She played both tournaments unprepared. I found out last night the coach canceled because he was preparing a boy for the same tournaments. This boy takes 4 hour privates every day and has very deep pockets. Also a blue chip. (my daughter take 1 hour private 2xs a week). The coach obviously does not want to disrupt the money train. Feeling like the ugly step sister my daughter doesn't want to work with this coach any more. How do i handle this? i have coaches bending over to work with her. time for a change? Advice?
Tough call for the coach, blue chip vs blue chip. Maybe it's not the money that's being poured in, but that the potential of the other kid is much greater than yours... or maybe the other kid works harder, is more motivated, has a better attitude...etc. I don't know... just wondering aloud.
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