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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I think Ross would enjoy the Blade in a demo. Thats all Im sayin.
Yes, PP, I've never played the Blade and the new open pattern does interest me - only the 99s especially, and new APD, has kind of relegated it in my thoughts a bit. But, having found maybe my number one issue thus far with the Juice has been the power/launching/lack of control sometimes on g/strokes. And (as you know), having always really appreciated the performance of so-called player's frames. Plus having over the years had regular little detours with these sorts of racs (detours which have been very largely doomed to failure ), well, I am curious here.

Obviously it could be a step too far for me away from the present powerful spin-friendly tweener realm which does seem to suit my game. Then again, perhaps it might add something?

On a wider point, I've been really impressed with the Juice, equally impressed with the Black Drive, so I'm wondering if this may be another good example of a really high class upgrade or whatever.

Anyhow, all pure racketaholic OCD-ing undoubtedly, but, hey, that's what this thread is all about, of course.
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