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Originally Posted by rten885 View Post
You definitely cant get much spin with an eastern grip. [emphasis added] Trust me I have clocked a forehand 110mph and I have experimented with that grip you just can't do it because of the angle of the racket. I hit western and get a ton of spin on the ball. If you really want a lot of spin on your shots change your grip. Angle of the racket makes much greater of a difference than overall racket speed.
Originally Posted by rten885 View Post
I hit a serve 126mph my friend I am not a typical 3.0 player such as yourself. I teach tennis for a living lol You need to learn how to play tennis and get past the 3.0 barrier before you can talk. Federer uses 3 different forehand grips but w.e. I am talking about extreme spin. Federer does not hit with extreme spin compared to some other pros.
A few years ago John Yandell measured the spin generate by several pros and Fed. was #2, surpassed only by Nadal. Based on that data, he's hitting with a lot of spin, even relative to other pros. If I've missed stated John's data please correct me.

Fed might alter his grip some (or not - I don't know), but all the data I've seen say it's always somewhere around an E. to strong E. When I look at pictures of his grip that's what I see.

Based on the above it's most definitely possible to hit with a lot of topspin with an Eastern or strong Eastern grip. You may not be able to do it, but it can be done.

I agree with TheCheese.
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