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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Last time I checked Federer won 2 Wimbledon finals against Nadal in 2006,2007, the only 2 times they faced each other on non-clay surfaces in majors when Federer was in his prime. If it wasn't for mono that screwed up Federer's 2008, he would probably be sitting on 7 Wimbledon victories in a row. Instead, Nadal took advantage at Wimbledon and then beat a mentally wounded Federer at the AO next year.

That's ancient history, though. Let's see how Rafa has been doing in the last couple of months..

Fed is great, the greatest player of his era, so I don't care too much to argue about his H2H vs nadal, but why the non clay qualifier. AFAIK clay is and always has been a legitimate surface.
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