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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Just read your new excellent APD review/summation on the APD playtest thread. Nice, JG. Makes me wonder if I may just find the Original to be unbeatable out of all these versions of the Aeropro. The black Rafa APD isn't actually a frame I struggle with to keep the ball in bounds. Also, the lower flex of the Original is just a lot nicer than most 70+ similarish tweenerish racs.
My guess is that would probably end up being the case. If anything, the two sticks are probably similar enough to where there isn't enough reason to spend on the new frame. Plus, yours still has the best paintjob of them all.

In some ways I'm jealous of players who can effectively wield the apd. Was telling MD about one of the all-time league beat-downs I got from some Greek dude who knew just how to wield it, and was just thundering those line-clippers to each corner with such ease all night long. It truly felt unfair.

I've just never been able to get there myself with that frame. And it was always too stiff for my taste, never felt satisfying in the hand. If it works for you, though, and you can keep it under control, then it's definitely one of those sticks that can truly be a weapon and improve one's shots and game.

I also feel like if I played with nothing but that stick for several weeks, I'd probably get far more used to exactly the kind of strokes I have to hit with it and could get to the point where I'd be far more effective. But in the end I tend to always veer back to my control sticks, my feel sticks, so not worth the effort for me.

Would be nice if one day Bab tried to make an apd with a stiffness of like 61. But then, why would they? It's the No. 1 selling frame out there as is, so no need to change what's working.
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