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I agree that 2004 was a very frustrating year for Amelie, and a massively wasted opportunity.

At the Australian Open she had to withdraw from the tournament due to a back injury, ahead of QF against Fabiola Zuluaga. She was projected to meet Henin in the semis. Henin would have been the favourite to beat her, and it's very unlikely that she could have overcome both Henin and Clijsters to win that title at that stage in her career. Still it would have been an interesting match to watch.

Ahead of RG she had beaten Henin at Amelia Island, and then won the Berlin-Rome double (I think the only two other players to achieve that were Graf in 1987 and Seles in 1990). With Henin's viral infection, that was a great opportunity for her to win her home major. However she was killed in the quarters by Dementieva who was not exactly an amazing clay court player. Dementieva-Suarez-Myskina was as straight forward a route to a RG title that a player could have hoped for at that time (clay was actually Myskina's worst surface as well), but Amelie blew it big time.

In her Wimbledon semi she had a subpar Serena on the ropes but couldn't finish her off, and at the Olympics in Athens she faced an incredibly tired Henin for the gold medal, but was completely destroyed in the final.

Then in the US Open quarters, I think that Dementieva was struggling with a thigh injury, but Amelie was pathetic in their final set tiebreak. She took the world no. 1 ranking for the first time in her career after that tournament as well, but it felt so anti-climatic.

She had a strong indoor season with 2 titles, another final and victories over Venus and Sharapova, and came into the YEC in very good form. She won all 3 of her matches in her RR group, but then frustratingly narrowly lost to Serena in a high quality semi-final (a much better match than their Wimbledon semi earlier that year).

So disappointment all around for Amelie at the 6 big events that year. RG and the US Open in particular were big opportunities for grand slam titles that she couldn't capitalise on.

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