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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I guess we both agree that Orantes at that point would have been Nastase's toughest competition although Nastase would have been favored. Orantes defeated Nastase in four sets at the 1975 US Open in a match I was privileged to see in person. Nastase played well imo in that match but Orantes I believe was playing the best tennis of the tournament. Two of the greatest touch players in the history of tennis. I don't recall Nastase acting up in that match.
Great for you to see that match.1975 FH was a terrific event, with Laver playing his last great tournament and bowing to Eddie Dibbs ( an underrated player IMO).The semifinal line up was exceptional, and the same for the ladies event.

Nobody acted against Orantes, who was worldwide respected for his sportmanship and honesty.Orantes beat Mc Enroe in the 1977 USO fourth round and Mac behaved very well.

Orantes and Nastase respected each other.Orantes was good friends with other megastars of his generation such as Borg,Vilas,Panatta.Connors respected him.Ashe,Smith and Rosewall praised in public the great sportmanship of Orantes.Many people missed him when he retired, not just because of his exceptional touch but also because he was probably the last player of the old school.

Orantes last great year was 77.In 78 he beat Ashe and Solomon to win Boston, but felt to Stockton at RG, a match he should have won.
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