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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I think he already has, and most in the real World believe this as well, but since Nadal is the most hated player on this forum Borg will obviously win this poll, just as Federer is certain to win every poll even ones anywhere outside this forum he would lose. I rate Nadal #5 all time behind Laver, Gonzales, Federer, and Sampras, and Borg at about #7 behind Rosewall as well.
Oh please. Stop acting like the injured party and talking about the "real" world for god's sake. From what I've seen on this forum I will agree that Nadal gets the short end of the stick so to speak more times than not (Sampras and Hewitt are others IMO), but you know this poll is not a clear cut case for Nadal, and if you don't then I can't help you. You seem to have a bad habit of talking about "****s" and "Planet TW" and generalizing a bunch of people as well, but I digress. I think everybody has that problem on this forum actually.

See this is the problem with this tennis forum (and probably many others). You get people like 90's clay or sonicare or myself or yourself who give an honest opinion (sometimes) and just get branded as a fan of some player, and/or a hater of another. Sometimes people are actually right, or they have enough believable facts to back up their opinions regardless of who they like or don't like. Take sonicare for example. He's been called a "Nadal hater" in this thread, and he might very well be, but that doesn't mean his opinion that Nadal hasn't surpassed Borg yet is "wrong" or counts for nothing.

As for my opinion, well I wish there was an even option in the poll, but if I was forced to give an answer I'd give a slight edge to Borg (funny hey ). Now if you asked me if someone like Djokovic, Agassi, or Connors was better in terms of pure acheivements than Nadal then I would say no everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. This is clear cut to me, and I'm pretty sure to a large majority of people. The Olympics and the AO are basically moot points. I don't think Nadal would choose to play the AO if it was the equivalent of a 500 or a 250, and Borg never played the Olympics. So he basically had 3 slams to win 11 whereas Nadal has 4. Nadal is better on clay, but Borg is better on grass by a larger margin IMO, and he had to deal with much larger differences in the surfaces. In Nadal's favour he has 21 MS titles compared to Borg's 15 equivalents. The other thing Nadal has over Borg is a USO, but it's not as if Borg was a total scrub there, and he has 2 (3?) YEC to Nadal's zero. Just my two cents.

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