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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
I don't see any links proving me wrong now, do I? Instead you come up with "yeah, right" lol. A vid or it didn't happen. And since I've seen tens of his matches I know it didn't happen. You can talk about Nadal's improvements regarding his results in the other 3 majors and his general success on hard courts/grass courts but how much of it is thanks to these surfaces being way slower than they used to? You think a mere clay courter would be able to win Wimbledon without visiting the net more than a few times during a 4-5 hour match?

At the French Open only. When Federer was in his prime he could only beat him there, if only Nadal bothered to go deeper at the Australian and US Opens where Federer excelled (more than at Wimbledon). Instead he waited for Federer to get old and then started to reach all those finals. Luckily, now he's having a taste of his own medicine. Or at least he will if he bothers to show up on court again.
A video?, his results speak for themselves. Yeah, the courts... I've seen haters like you talking here in 2006 saying how the clay specialist Nadal would be beaten by the first decent grass player in Wimbledon, and then how he'd never win the USO. But of course, once he won them they were suddenly just like clay, lol.

Must have been hard for you.

RAfa is 5 years younger, he reached those finals in HIS prime.

Oh, and Fed was the lucky one that Nadal got too nervous in that 2007 final (not to mention the way the scheduling went).

Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
Some people probably believe he won those out of luck.
Oh, they do, just look at Tennis_pro here.
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