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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
This link will let you input what you have and tell you exactly how much and where to put the lead to get a desired spec.

The reason for the difference is that we post the average strung spec of around 6 racquets so it is unlikely you will get an exact match. Spec tolerances are usually around:
Weight: +/- 10 grams
Balance: +/- 10 mm = 3 to 4 points
SW: +/- 10 points
Ra Stiffness: +/- 3

Hope that helps.
Chris, TW
Hi Chris

TQVM. I am already very familiar with the Reverse Engineering tool by TWU.

I bought the C10Pro 2012 solely on your review and would like to know the exact SW, Static Wt and balance on your stick.

Thank you.
CCH4Tennis, Malaysia
VolKl C10Pro 2012, 98 sq in(16x19), static:357g, SW:338,8.1HL, Tour Bite 16G@60lbs
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