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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
There should be a thread about Constant pull vs Lockout. I.E , Drop Weight/Electric vs Crank.
Have you ever watched a stringer in a big box store string a racket? They sure are quich with those electronic machines. I watched the worst stringer I have ever seen at a big box the other day. Pulled first two right mains at first and I thought this guy is insane. Then he clamped both at the top of the frame. My opinion of his (certified MRT) skills went in the toilet. Then he double pulled two mains on the left and and clamped 2LM and did it again and clamped 4LM. Switched to the right and double pulled four strings. I could take any more and walked away.

All his pulls were from the top of the racket and the clamps were moved so quick he set the clamp right when the machine went beep. I am sure he strung rackets well under 15 minutes.

Let's talk about only what the little beep means. The electronic tensioner pulls until the target tension is reached and beeps to signal the string the tension has been reached. If you clamp the string immediately there is no constant pull, just a pull - clamp. If you are going to use the tools like that how can it be any better than a lockout?
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