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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Exactly. I don't see it.

We're defining the direction of the tip as the same direction a vector pointing along the handle would be pointed, I'm assuming. Pronation would only rotate the racket around that axis, it wouldn't change its direction at all.

If Fed wasn't pronating, a vector pointing upwards perpendicular to the plane of the back of his hand would be pointing backwards, rather than skywards.
No. Pronation would not rotate the racket around the handle axis, Not without ulnar deviation, and there is no ulnar deviation there, his wrist is neutral.

The closed racket face is caused by ISR. Please, from the ready position holding the racket with a eastern grip lift your right elbow to your side. The racket will stay parallel to the ground with a closed face, correct?

Watch Monfils, he really exaggerates this movement, watch how his elbow goes up.
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