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Originally Posted by YouCantBeSerious View Post
My name is merely an hommage to the master. Prove any of my statements wrong. Take Fed's class away and his ability to win slam finals against nobodies or washed out, have-beens, and you end up with somebody who, despite his class, is far from being what some pretend he is.
No you're name still fits you when you say things like "Federer would've been Borg's pigeon on all surfaces." You got any proof of this? Perhaps he would've dominated Federer, but based on the facts we have this is a terrible assumption to make. Federer is most likely better on today's grass, and he would probably have a fair shot against Borg on the faster stuff. He's also arguably a better HC player. As such you're assumption may not be wrong, but it is a bad one given the facts we have. QED.
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