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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
No you're name still fits you when you say things like "Federer would've been Borg's pigeon on all surfaces." You got any proof of this? Perhaps he would've dominated Federer, but based on the facts we have this is a terrible assumption to make. Federer is most likely better on today's grass, and he would probably have a fair shot against Borg on the faster stuff. He's also arguably a better HC player. As such you're assumption may not be wrong, but it is a bad one given the facts we have. QED.
When you compare two players of different eras who have never played each other, and who competed in completely different conditions and against completely different fields, all you have is assumptions. This whole thread (and more than 50% of this whole site) is just a bunch of assumptions, like the GOAT discussion.

Just because you don't like my assumption it doesn't make it terrible. Borg was a beast in clay and grass when grass was actual grass, and Fed has lost slams in clay (and fake grass) to somebody "of limited talent". LOL

And it's "YOUR", not "YOU'RE". That's my "assumption" anyway.
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