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Originally Posted by twbuyer View Post
Thanks for the notes here - Tiff just shared the thread with me. You all are awesome - I feel missed.
9 weeks post shoulder surgery (bone spur was grinding away at my shoulder tendon.) My tennis elbow may have been a result of my adjusting to shoulder pain. Elbow now fine and shoulder feeling much better.
Started hitting again three weeks ago - twice this week - starting to feel good again. Still no heat on my serves - that will take a while.
Has given me time to re-evaluate everything, racquet weight, balance, string - everything. Have tested all the new sticks and I've now narrowed it down to just one or two - no more 6.1's for me (in the near future anyway.) I am amazed at how sensitive I am to just one or one and a half ounces - really an eye opener. As soon as the playtest team asks me, I'm back in mix. Happy to share all my testing - the racquet I am favoring is one I've never thought I'd play with.........
Again - thanks for thinking of me.

Gran, TW
glad to read you're on the mend. let this old player know what stick/strings you settle on and if you want to split a reel of Technifibre Multifeel.
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