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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
The ATP hated Connors with a passion at the time so they are hardly a reliable source. 1977 Vilas was the real #1 of the year anyway, not Borg. 1978 was probably Borg, but it wasnt a landslide, and if it were a landslide he would have surely atleast managed it on the computer and didnt. Also funny to see you say it like this when you actually said Serena Williams wasnt best player in the World a few months again only since she isnt ranked #1, lol! The other posters point is correct, as far as time spent actually ranked #1, Borg and Nadal are virtually the same in every aspect- 2 year end #1s, almost same weeks, Borg had a longer consecutive span ranked #1, but one could say Nadal spending large parts of 4 straight years ranked #1 is more impressive.
To expand a bit on my previous reply, Borg was considered the best of 1978 by not just the ATP but also the ITF and other sources like Tennis Magazine. Did all of these organizations have it out for Connors? There is no person or entity knowledgeable on tennis history who has said Connors was in fact the best player of that year, so yes, I think it is a landslide in Borg's favor. That makes it definitively three years of being the best player for Borg compared to two for Nadal, so not a huge difference but a difference nonetheless. And Borg also has the arguable 1977, which puts Nadal even further behind. And that's all I really meant when saying Borg had more time at the top (although I still expect Nadal to match or surpass Borg's three years).

Additionally, Borg was a dominant force on three surfaces: clay, grass, and indoor carpet. Nadal, while a contender on every surface, has been dominant really only on clay. This is reflected in Borg's domination of two separate slams, while Nadal has dominated only one. Not a definitive argument in Borg's favor, but certainly something to be thought about.
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