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Who shouldn't be satisfied is Fed, who lacked the talent to respond to someone of as limited talent as you claim Nadal is. Good for Fed to pack his slam count with victories against old men and irrelevant third rate fluke finalists.
Umm listen here ****, the only reason why Ralph(who is indeed a player with limited talent) ever beats Fed is because he's matchup issue for Fed,this was established in their very first encounter back in friggin 2004 when Ralph was roaming around in his diapers and Fed was in his prime.
You and your kin will continue to deny this because your argument completely falls apart,but I'm not gonna get into an argument as to why a bad matchup is extremely hard to overcome,doesn't matter if your'e GOAT/not. The biggest reason why Fed is considered the GOAT by most experts is because they believe he's the most versatile and the most complete player the game has ever seen(he was called GOAT by some when he infact won only 5 slams)
Your mancrush Ralph got his *** kicked from Alaska to Texas against Djokovic 7 consecutive times on 4 different surfaces spanning 3 consecutive slams whilst both players being in their prime all because Ralph's moonballing tactics didn't work against Djokovic's incredible 2 hander. Ralph couldn't change a thing, that showed how limited he is as a player. When Djokovic's level fell through the floor in 2012, Ralph finally got some wins THAT too on his beloved clay.

FWIW moonballing the s**t out of Fed's BH with 5000+ rpm ain't a sign of inventive tennis,he's just lucky to have this massive matchup advantage,got it good.

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