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How did you arrive at 14 slams? You mean because Agassi lost 6 times in slams to Sampras? You're assuming every time that Agassi lost to Sampras he would have gone on to win the slam if he didn't play Sampras.
Yes I do believe that.

US Open 1990, ok Agassi would have probably beaten McEnroe who lost to Sampras in the semis, but Sampras also beat Lendl who would have had a great shot vs Agassi in the final (he beat him at the US Open in 1989 and had won the AO that year) If Lendl makes the final which he probably does, Agassi is the underdog.
Well Agassi beat Becker at this U.S Open, and Becker had beaten Lendl at the previous years. Even if Agassi and Lendl met I think Agassi's chances would be good. Lendl was already on decline, he had won his last ever major already in fact, and Agassi never lost to Lendl again after 1989.

Wimbledon 1993. Agassi lost in the quarters, yet he's a sure bet for the title? (with all those grass greats around ) There's Becker, Courier, and Edberg. Becker lost in a 5th set to Agassi in 1992 but beat him in 4 in 1995. No sure thing for Agassi at all and I maintain he was far from a great grass court player.
Becker is Agassi's slave. A better grass court player than Agassi (although at this phase of his career it is closer) but even on grass Agassi is favored due to the matchup. Agassi had beaten Becker at Wimbledon 92, and yes Becker beat him in 95 but that was a HUGE upset and he was boosted by some great tactical advice and motivated by Agassi's former coach Bolliteiri, and the motivation of Becker and Bolliteiri's feud with Agassi at the time, and Agassis arrogance by then towards the matchup. Agassi is easily a better grass courter than Courier, and also was a bad matchup for Edberg who you repeatedly claim was not any good by this point anyway.

US Open 1995. This one I see Agassi winning, don't think anyone else would have beaten him here.

Wimbledon 1999. Late in the 90s there wasn't much competition around at Wimbledon and Henman would likely have made the final in which case Agassi wins.
For sure.

US Open. 2001. Playing back to back against Safin and Hewitt, who knows? 50/50 chance.
Agassi had never lost to Hewitt up to this point. Only after Hewitt gained the confidence of being #1 and a slam winner did he start beating Agassi. Hewitt majorly lucked out with his draw at this U.S Open, he struggled and could have easily lost to any of Blake, Haas, and Roddick, and would never have gotten past a draw of Rafter and Agassi instead. Safin was not any good in 2001 at all, even though he made the semis here which turned out to be his year highlight, he was still playing at best in neutral gear, Agassi would have had no problems with this Safin.

US Open 2002. Pete had a pretty easy draw so no-one he beat would have really been that dangerous. Roddick was too young, Haas may have beaten Agassi if he got to the final but most likley Agassi wins this one.

Also no player has suffered as much from one other as Agassi from Sampras? Erm Fed and Nadal..
Oh please, even with Nadal, Federer has most people and ALL of his fans claiming he is the GOAT today, what suffering. Agassi goes from a potential top 3 player all time to barely a top 15 player all time due to Sampras.
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