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Default Swingweight

Originally Posted by Princeofwails View Post
I come to all of you with head bowed in respect, since I know someone will help me get my mind wrapped around this. Ex. I hit fantastically with two racquets that have completely different specs. Rac. 1 is 11.4 oz, 4 pts HL, Rac. 2 is 12.8 oz. and 8 pts HL. They both are demos and both feel exactly the same in a match. Now, I have demoed racs. with slightly diff. specs either way and hated them. Both racs. I like above are 95 heiads. Is the answer perhaps directly proportional to the ratio of weight to the frame's balance?
You did NOT provide swingweights of both rackets.
Try to check specs provided by TW and let us know.
Othwise very hard to talk
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