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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
A video?, his results speak for themselves. Yeah, the courts... I've seen haters like you talking here in 2006 saying how the clay specialist Nadal would be beaten by the first decent grass player in Wimbledon, and then how he'd never win the USO. But of course, once he won them they were suddenly just like clay, lol.

Must have been hard for you.

RAfa is 5 years younger, he reached those finals in HIS prime.

Oh, and Fed was the lucky one that Nadal got too nervous in that 2007 final (not to mention the way the scheduling went).

I don't think that Rafa is one dimensional and I do consider him a great. It's funny when Roger haters talk about luck. The slowing down of grass hurt Roger the most and benefitted Rafa the most in the Roger - Fed rivalry. When the grass is fast in the first week, Rafa is busy playing five setters with nobodies in second or third round. I think 2008 and 2011 are the only two times he cruised without playing five setters in second or third round. And you talk about luck, lolz haters gonna hate only
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