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coach on the advice of several top NCAA coaches about 7 or 8 they have said over the years they have watched DB's game progress and by the time he would be ready for college he would be more ready to go after the tour what do you say to that ? I asked them why do they think that because these guys are trying to recruit and they are pointing us towards looking to go pro , always followed by but we would love him at our program ?

give me your thoughts
It depends who the 7 or 8 coaches are, your relationship with them, and the level of trust between you and them. Coach: I don't agree with TCF. The pros for your player are a long shot- but possible. Especially with the improvement he is showing. The only logical route to the pros for him is through college. Have you seen the roster at UVA? Imagine practicing with those guys 20 hours a week with top notch coaching, and playing matches against some of the best players in the country. I think the entire group of young Americans need college first. Your player may be an Isner or Steve Johnson. He is not a Harrison. Honestly coach ask yourself how much your bias against college is about not wanting to give up control of your player's career. It is an emotion we all have and very legitimate- but is it in the best interests of your player?
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