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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Tai played smart will try and post video of match as soon as I can , As Tai said in his interview after the match is pretty much what happened Tai's game plan was to hit high looping balls and any wide defensive balls were sliced , DB looked to drive through the court which does not work on clay and basically hit himself out of the match , pretty much for the first time in the tourney played a hard court style , hurt to watch LOL

At this point you must give Tai credit he knew how he needed to play and he did it and i shook his hand and told him smart playing and it was .
Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not making excuses for him. Not having been there, mine is just an observation on paper. The best thing I'm hearing from you is it appears you're viewing the experience from a much clearer lens and most of all learning from it. That will make him a better player tomorrow and that's a great take away from the week.

Good to see you and TCF are settling down the vitriol.
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