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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Well Agassi beat Becker at this U.S Open, and Becker had beaten Lendl at the previous years. Even if Agassi and Lendl met I think Agassi's chances would be good. Lendl was already on decline, he had won his last ever major already in fact, and Agassi never lost to Lendl again after 1989.
oh please, agassi was a nervous wreck in the finals .... lendl would be even more intimidating for him to play against than sampras ... yes, becker beat lendl in 89 USO, but that was becker's best USO performance, he did lose to lendl in 92 @ the USO .....and he wasn't playing as well in 90 as he was in 89 ...

lendl had already beaten agassi in 89 USO and was 6-0, yes SIX-ZERO vs him at that point ....

LOL @ the statement in bold, makes it look like agassi beat him plenty of times after 89 .... he just beat him twice, once in 92, once more in 93 ... and lendl in 90 was by some distance better than he was in 92/93 ...

hell, Jmac in decent form would have more than decent chance to beat the nervous wreck agassi, let alone a lendl who was playing well ( his match vs the in-form sampras was a close 5-setter )

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Becker is Agassi's slave. A better grass court player than Agassi (although at this phase of his career it is closer) but even on grass Agassi is favored due to the matchup. Agassi had beaten Becker at Wimbledon 92, and yes Becker beat him in 95 but that was a HUGE upset and he was boosted by some great tactical advice and motivated by Agassi's former coach Bolliteiri, and the motivation of Becker and Bolliteiri's feud with Agassi at the time, and Agassis arrogance by then towards the matchup. Agassi is easily a better grass courter than Courier, and also was a bad matchup for Edberg who you repeatedly claim was not any good by this point anyway.
lol, you cannot be serious ... agassi at this point was having wrist problems and had to alter his service motion .... it was because of sampras having a dip in concentration that he won 2 sets .. he was playing decent tennis, not great tennis

courier was an inferior grass courter to agassi, but he was in better form by some distance and he owned agassi at that time anyways ...

agassi playing his very best grass tennis needed 5 sets to defeat a sub-par becker in 92 wimbledon.. becker was in better form in 93 and agassi in worse form

edberg's form was also just decent ... so agassi would have more of a shot at beating him than the other 2, but still no lock considering he wasn't in great form himself ...

all of courier/becker/edberg would have a decent shot of defeating agassi at wimbledon in 93 ...
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