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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post

You're a narcissist as well, what a surprise, and an opthalmologist!

Roger Ailes loves you.
"If I'm not for myself, who is for me?" (Hillel) My cat loves me.

And I love Roger Ailes as well, as soon as SCOTUS makes marriage legal between LGBT/LSMFT/XY&Z/COUSINS & TRILOBITES, we intend to have a three way marriage with Sean Hannity.

Originally Posted by Oski10s View Post

...I don't know at what juncture it has become a controversial topic?

"Foot Faults
...If no official is available, the player may call flagrant foot faults.

...Incidentally I think people that flagrantly foot fault is in fact the ones that are working on "gamesmanship," because they are (1) cheating and (2) rubbing it in your nose. So they should be called out on it.

...It's getting tedious to continue this debate.

...At this point I've provided the official ITF rules (officiated), the USTA opinion (non-officated), the USHSTA rules (non-officated).

AMEN, we have a winner, proof in writing, thank you Oski 10's for doing the leg work. The issue became controversial when Serena Williams threatened to shove a tennis ball down the throat of the diminutive Asian woman linesperson at the USO and kill her with it. It was then that historic revisionism of the foot fault rule began. BTW, I've yet to hear an apology to the lines lady but I have seen numerous commercials by Serena and her sponsors making light of the very ugly incident.

Bartleby, does that red star you use for an icon mean you work for Macy's, or are you trying to help to drive their stock up?

Nice match, virtual handshake.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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