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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
There actually is a remale equivalent to Rios. Her name is Ons Jabeur from Tunisia, I saw her play juniors at the US Open, she moves very smoothly, has a showwoman style, hit shots between legs, jumping backhands, she was a top 5 junior a couple of years ago but she has struggled to move up the ranks. Very flashy player to see. She is on facebook too.
Ons Jabeur.
Never heard of her. You really think she was that good?

Do you guys really think Rios was THAT talented? I mean I know he was gifted but I remember the Australian Open final and the commentators thought the match hinged on how well Korda played. They basically thought Korda was more gifted than Rios. Yes I know about the steroids.

Actually now that I think about it, maybe Rosie Casals is the female equivalent. She was very talented, also small and never won a major. I do think that relatively speaking, Rios was more talented than Casals.
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