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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
Okay but the date this was taken says January 2012. I am using gamma power play kevlar at 58 lbs. in the mains with yonex poly tour spin crosses at 63 lbs. right now. So I would not be much higher than what a lot of pro players string at. Also I could care less what the pro's string at that means nothing to me, I go by what works not what some pro uses.

Which again I will point out means nothing to amateur players unless you change your string every half hour like they do. So many here say I am using similar tensions of what the pro's use, well ya you are for a half hour or so but not 2 hours later let alone days.

But I am still experimenting with different set ups, I just put in a set of head sonic pro 16 gauge at 68 lbs. and am going for a hit with it today.

I have already tried this at the same tension with the 17 gauge and it was pretty good, but still did not maintain the control that the kevlar set up I am using as my go to string. Just trying to find a poly set up that will match it.
You say you don't care what the pros use, yet you insist on using them as justification for high tensions.

Can I ask for the logic in that?
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