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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ga....with all due respect, you kind of flipped this the wrong way. I am the one who just said that the forehand should be based on fundamentals and then let the player develop their style.

I said that the HW/Henin style wins, but the larger windup or more bend with proper timing also wins. Players have different timing talents, arm lengths, footwork, all which can decide what forehand works best for them.

So it sounds like when you and HW tell every kid they must switch to his style forehand if they want to be more successful, that you guys are the ones being closed minded and I am the one saying there is more than one way to hit a successful forehand!

But HW is obviously a great coach, best of luck.
I might have flipped it. Sorry I retread your post and agree that there are many different styles of forehands that work. Heath teaches the leverage based forehand because that's what he feels gives the kid the best chance to succeed on all surfaces.But you are right there are many successful styles.
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