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I also like a boardy feel in a racquet. My favorite feel to date was my i.prestige MP 18x20 with full poly at about 55lbs, but the weight was too much over time as mine was nearly 13oz with dampener, leather, and overgrip.

I read most the TT posts on the Iontec strings and read that you thought Iontec Hexa 1.25 was too soft even after you went up to 52 lbs.
*Did you use it in a full bed or hybrid?
*Did you ever try higher than 52 lbs?
*Did you try raising the tension on the crosses to firm up the Hexa 1.25 stringbed?
*The most recent poly used is Genesis Black Magic - How would you compare BM to Hexa 1.25 and which feels softer/less crisp?
*I read that you felt you lost some feel as well with the Iontec Hexa - I have been playing with a leather grip (no overgrip), so maybe that will help with some of the the lack of feel?
*My Vantage 95" is an open pattern 16x19, but it is the firmer 70 flex. So maybe the 1.25 Hexa would play firm in it since it is a firm racquet?
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