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I asked a while back bout the playtesting and TW said they had no plans.

I have not been able to play much with both due to poor weather and perpetual busy-ness, but I did play last weekend with them. It really is too early in testing them to make any confident insights but I can say a few things:
I like both, very much. At the end of the summer I was all about the Q5, the power and even comfort were just great. I was hitting awesome with it. After having played a few times with both this fall, I found myself going back the the Ki5 more than the Q5. I am leaning now towards the Ki5. With the exception of serve where I am blasting the ball the with Q5, the Ki5 is winning for me in all other areas. One thing may seem minor but is turning into a big deal is the comfort of the grip. The Ki5 has contour bevels on the permanent grip, which fits my hand nicely. The Q5's grip is flat and does not fit my hand as well. I wish they did not switch out the stock grip.
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