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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
NadalAgassi, I agree that peak Navratilova was better than peak Evert but it may not have been as one sided as you may think. A good friend of mine pointed out that Navratilova was using the new racquets during most of those 13 straight matches that Navratilova won while Evert stuck to a wood racquet. After Evert switched to the new racquets of the time the matches were closer and Evert was able to defeat Navratilova.

My friend really knows tennis and I do think he has a decent argument.
if your friend 'really knows tennis' they shouldve mentioned how after the 1981 u.s open she had to be fitter and dedicated herself to a new fitness and diet regieme..evert readily admits she was caught out by this 'new martina' and after a few defeats new she had to either retire, accept she was never going to beat martina again, or up her own level of fitness and commitment to tennis which is what she did..

i think everts losing streak to martina was ended at the 1985 french open final..

you may be right about the raquets i dont know...but it was the other stuff that was the big reason for change..martina much like lendl for the men brought in a new era of dedicated non partying focused superfit tennis players.
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