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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Never heard of her. You really think she was that good?

Do you guys really think Rios was THAT talented? I mean I know he was gifted but I remember the Australian Open final and the commentators thought the match hinged on how well Korda played. They basically thought Korda was more gifted than Rios. Yes I know about the steroids.

Actually now that I think about it, maybe Rosie Casals is the female equivalent. She was very talented, also small and never won a major. I do think that relatively speaking, Rios was more talented than Casals.
I've said in other threads about Rios, but..yeah...I do think he was THAT talented. His issue was commitment and I speak from a view of both of us having been a Bollettieri's at the same time, hitting with him and watching him work out with other players there.

That Australian Open final..I don't think it was a case of Korda possibly juicing that got him the title. It was pretty much a choke job on Rios's part. And Korda was/is a great ball striker from the back of the court but he didn't have the ability to improvise and create like Rios did.

If Korda beats you, it's pretty straight up. Nothing tricky. Rios had that ability to beat you straight up as well but he could also take a point away from you much the way Federer does/did when he plays prime tennis.

Also, Ons Jabeur is only 18 years old and still on tour I believe. If she's that talented, it may be a case of it taking time for her game to gel. Having too many options can often hold a player back if they try to apply every option in their game each match when it's not necessary.

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