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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, thanks for the rankings. For some years I can agree.

But for other years I doubt that you ranked in a sober way. Maybe you have drunk a bit...

1953: I disagree even although Tingay did not consider Davis Cup and despite of Hoad's excellent hths.

1955: Hoad ahead of Rosewall? Have you found this on the bottom of your wine glass?

1958: Hoad ahead of Gonzalez: Your very own kind of rankings....

1963: Hoad ahead of Laver? You are the only expert to rank that way.

Now I begin to understand why you consider Hoad so high. Because he was No.1 or 2 for many, many years...
I do not indulge in drink. Only dinner wine when guests are over. I recommend that approach to everyone.

The big match of 1955 was not the Australian final, but the Davis Cup encounter between Hoad and Trabert, which drew over 10 million TV audience in NBC's very first color broadcast of anything.

In 1958, Hoad dominated the hth tour when healthy, including the greatest of all time match at Kooyong, was the leading money-winner on the tour, and won the Ampol world tournament championship. That's enough.

In 1963, Hoad had a winning hth against Laver, and beat Buchholz (Laver's conqueror) while playing on one leg. Not bad.
Hoad's peak was relatively brief, but included about 400 tour matches against the toughest collection of players ever assembled. That is sufficient room to evaluate.

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