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Originally Posted by BruceG View Post
What a load of total insanity and complete ignorance of tennis history.

How in the world can you claim anyone to be the greatest of all time at one of the Slams when its only the players post-1968 who got to spend their entire careers accumulating titles?

Only the most rabid fanboy would be willing to parade their ignorance in front of the world, twist the truth and ignore so much history just to claim their favorite player was the best at some event.
Even accounting for the pre-/post-Open Era divide and taking into account professional majors, Nadal still has the most clay majors with 7. Borg and Rosewall have 6.

Nadal is the only man in tennis history (not just Open Era, tennis history) to win a title 8 years in a row - Monte Carlo.

His record not just at the FO but at all other major clay events for the past 8 years is otherworldly, close to perfect.

Please tell us who else you have in mind for clay GOAT?
Sloane Stephens and Laura Robson: future WTA world No 1 and 2.
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