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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
You will see this kid Borna on the ATP he is very solid knows how to play has great movement , nice strokes and a very good attitude on court.

Chieface this was a solid win this kid was playing a pusher style the day before against a kid and I thought DB was gonna buzzsaw him next thing i know they are trading huge groundies and long rallies the 1st set and Borna took it , DB continued till he made his way through him but this kid was NO joke by any means .
Sounds like he has as legit a shot as anyone. You probably don't even remember, and jokingly or not years ago I remember when you were thinking of switching DB to a one hander. That two hander was way too buttery and smooth to ever abandon, but how is his forehand right now? When he arrives at the academy I would have someone check his left arm and how he gets it out of the way on that side. It still appears as though there is a very slight hiccup in there. I'm just going off of what I see in his most recent hitting videos, but it does look better than a year or so ago with Krajinovic and Nishikori.

Congratulations on all the success. To me when a kid has a legit shot to go for the highest level the people around them should be helping as much as possible. Seems the "board" is finally a little more on board with a positive approach which is nice.

Best of luck in his training, you can't teach height

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