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Default Head TGK238.4 Elbow Problems - PT57A????

Hey everyone-
I've been having some elbow problems for about a year now and the pain started about 3-4 months after I switched to the 238.4 from the 238.1. Anyway I've been diagnosed with elbow impingement in the joint and it mainly hurts when I serve. I tried demoing a few racquets: ig speed 100, bab pst, ig radical, and needless to say as soon as I hit with my racquets I knew there was no way I was switching. Would switching to the PT57A benefit me? I'd love to hear from anyone who has made the switch.

Edit: If anyone is interested the specs unstrung of my 238.4's are:
308mm balance
SW unknown
4x PT57A Youtek PJ - Unstrung Spec: 331gr 303SW
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