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Yes, it would be an interesting match.
PP right now can knock my socks off just hitting.
I've never been known as a good hitter. Always been known as a good player.
What bother's me now is high bouncers over and over again, deep and consistent, with tons of topspin. I just can't seem to beat those 5.0 players.
What killed me last year in a couple of sets was the redirector. That style of play, dinking short and low, angled and atop the sidelines, is a style most people don't want to play against, certainly not with an injured ankle and wanting to practice hitting out on groundies, against controlled redirection.
But most 4.0's, and most 4.5's, I can do OK against, or at least stay even.
Would be interesting, a lefty S/V player with an solid wide slice serve vs a strong backcourt pounder with great movement.
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