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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
The GTX and GTX pro he used from adidas was graphite/fiberglass......and it was not a 70sqin. He started using a midsize frame at the end of his career and at Wimby when he was desperate to win a title.

I'm sure some of the GTX adidas experts here will chime in with exact specs. I first remember seeing him at the orange bowl in the late 70s when he was using if I remember right a Maxply Fort....still had a HUGE forehand! Solid serve and his backhand got better and really strong after 1982.....had a wicked slice as well.
My hitting partner has one of these Lendl raquets. He pulls it out when he wants to punish himself for hitting lazily.

It has a small head, weighs 14 ounces or so, and is stiffer than a board. It is a brutal beast.
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