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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
What a wuss this player was LeeD, good job. Anybody who whines about "losing to a pusher" is just camaflouging their mediocrity in their own mind. Competitive tennis is all about winning, that's why we play, that's why we keep score.
for me, i don't really care too much about winning because I know my limitations. I just try play the best I can based upon my ability. But I am with you. If the other player just hits the ball back and you lose love and love, you shouldn't be criticizing how the other player played. Furthermore, in Tennis, you are supposed to play the style that makes your opponent most uncomfortable. If your opponent can't handle the pushing style, that's how you should play him. When Federer lost to Nadal, you didn't hear him say "I lost because Nadal hit to my backhand 95% of the time"

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