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I have never had the pleasure of handling a Sting SC, but yes, this thing looks remarkably like your SC. Even the graphics are effectively identical, now that I've studied your pictures a little more closely. Only the color schemes appear to differ.

I don't know how much real-world difference the ceramic fibers make, but I suspect these two frames would play very similar to one another when strung the same way. In my rather brief experience with the racquet so far, the "Graphite" feels like a slightly faster Sting; nothing more, nothing less. The difference is most noticeable during serves, where the Graphite seems to 'fit' my motion a little better than the Sting.

There is no telling whether this felt difference originates entirely from the racquet proper, or if it is the residual psychosomatic effect of my having molested this thing at length with a micrometer upon its arrival. It's too late for a double-blind study
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