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Originally Posted by anhuynh16 View Post
I've been using the "same" warranty since the Cb 2.3. I just get a new shoe off Nike w/ my gift card and I purchase from the CB series and wear those and repeat the process- in fact, I just got a new voucher last week in the mail.
Originally Posted by kimguroo View Post
So you claimed multiple warranties for the single purchase?
Nike clearly state that you can only claim the warranty once.
'For the purchase of any one pair of {style name} there is a limit of one Nike Product Voucher'. If Nike continues to grant those repeated warranty, many people don't need to pay shoes anymore for their life.
Anyone try to abuse these warranty program, the shoe companies will eventually stop offering outsole warranties anymore.
I think he meant that he buys a new pair with the voucher and repeats the process again. Essentially it would be paying for one pair of shoes and continually getting a new pair for free. Anything that the human race can take advantage of it will.
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