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Originally Posted by Capt. Willie View Post
Hey Chris, Any chance of talking you into trying the C10 at a low tension....say 35lbs or so? I'd just like to see your findings on this racquet strung like that.
The racquet actually played much better than expected at 35lbs. There was more adjustment needed than when I dropped tension on the PB10 Mid, but I was able to quickly adjust and find control. On the PB10 Mid, my volleys felt more dialed in at low tensions -- I never really needed any adjustment. I remember reading how some had struggled at net with lower tension and experienced that for the first time when going to 35lbs in the C10 Pro. My first outing with the racquet was a couple of sets of doubles so the different response at net was immediately noticeable. I really enjoyed it off the ground and on serve right off the bat. At net, I just had to get used to the ball coming off with more jump from the stringbed.

@ Stroke,
Comparison to the POG OS
Two very different feeling racquets. Yes, both are very classic in their feel, but it pretty much ends there -- yet I like them both! The C10 Pro is interesting as it is very soft, silky smooth yet is pretty lively, too. The POG OS is rock solid, extremely forgiving, offers superb access to spin and is pretty lively, too.

Both offer some nice punch from their weight and an open (lively) feel from their respective stringbeds, but the feel is very different. The Prince has a very classic box beam feel to it (rock solid and stable) whereas the Volkl feels faster, smoother and I can really feel the flex towards the tip.

Both are great sticks, they just get you were you are going in two different ways.

Chris, TW
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