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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Thanks a lot, Fuji! That would make sense since the retail IGPP has a stiffness rating of 66 (I believe the PT280s were right around 58/59, at least what I gather from past postings). Also, presume that the figures you mentioned are indeed for the IG PP pro-stock rather than the YouTek, right? By the way, did you get a chance to hit with it?

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it, since this may be the closest I get to a Murray frame (i.e. 16x19 PT57A). Thinking this will lead to either a liquidation of my PT280/630s or my APDGTs, depending on which stick the pro stocks are most comparable to.
That's correct sir! We got a bunch in from Head at the beginning of the IG line as to pick out what he would be sponsoring for the IG line. Sadly I didn't get to hit with them since I'm not the one playing pro! I wish I could have though!

I hope they play well! Let us know how it goes. Getting those 16x19 57's is a near impossible task, I swear!

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