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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
Yes i to be honest i was quite dissapointed, i've only tested the new Pro One 97 (16x19) and it was not what i've expected.
Feel of the racket was ok but the powerlevel was way too high, didnt feel full bodied like my T10 or a C10 pro.
It felt rather tinny, (not to mention the very bad paintjob quality.)
Strange that this racket was praised so high here on TT...
I did demo the Pro One 97(16x19). It felt very sturdy to me, but it didn't stand out in any category. You obviously were more critical, but I wasn't impressed either. Bottom line, IMO its a level below the x series or x dual core racquets. I also tried the Formula 100 and it was nothing special either.

But you might consider the Dual Core Gold or Platinum. They would probably be closer to the C10 in balance, feel and stability.
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