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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Couple years ago, I got together with a poster here to hit. It was a windy day, and I'd just windsurfed for over 2 hours.
We met at the VirginiaSt. courts, where leaves were blowing around, and swirling winds maybe 0-20mph.
Warming up, we both hit hard shots, but the ball was moving around, and our rallies were short and disjointed. We decided to play anyways.
He was a top ranked 3.5 at the time, before the bumpups. You know I claim 4.0. He was in the middle of his competitive season, right around July, while I hadn't played any tennis for 2's my windsurfing season.
I lost the first 3 games, then decided to hit only conti grip slices. I won 3 and 3. I also stayed back at the baseline as often as possible, because the net was located at the opening of the hitting wall, and winds there were killer.
Afterwards, he said I needed to push to beat him. I apologized .. "sorry, that was all I had in me" and he stomped off.
Yes, I pushed then. He had every right to call me a pusher, because that's how I managed to avoid a loss. I tried to email him a couple times right after, but never got another answer.
In his eyes, I was a pusher. I agree, I pushed to win those two sets, never hitting a topspin forehand or topspin backhand, just used slices.
I don't blame that guy for never playing you again, Lee. Don't you know that adapting your game according to the weather requires thinking while you play, which is pure, unadulterated BLASPHEMY?
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